Me, Myself and I

Me, Myself and I

I’m not by any means a popular person, I’m not famous, I’m not rich, in fact some days I’m not sure if I’m even liked but despite all that I’m a hardworking wife and mother of 2 children. I may not be famous or rich but to them I’m their world, the one who looks after them and protects them and that means the world to me.

My kids are my world, my main priority and I want to do my very best by them. Like most mothers I want them to be well rounded, respectful, clever and trust worthy but above all those things I really just want my kids to be HAPPY. Happiness sounds so simple and shouldn’t be hard but it’s something I’ve struggled with over the years and it’s my wish that my children don’t feel the same way. I’m not even sure if that’s something I can control because there is lots of things in life than can make you unhappy and I’ve been subjected to most, like crap friends who make you question why you are even friends with them, even crappier boyfriends who treat you like dirt and take away your self confidence and crappy jobs. I can fill you in on those in later posts 🙂 however I think that if I give them all the love I can, give them advice and always be there for them no matter what, then I might be able to help steer them through life’s trials and tribulations.

Then there is work, yes I want to work to use my brain and to have contact with other adults, although I’m pretty sure I could still do those things with a euro millions win but for now my 9-5 will have to suffice. I work for a public sector organisation so there’s always the threat of budget cuts and fewer jobs, however my role isn’t under much threat, the work is piling up, if anything we need more staff!

Since I’m the mother of 2 children and I work full time, there isn’t really much “spare” time. Someone asked me recently what my hobbies were. I felt a bit embarrassed to say I don’t have any ( I don’t really know where I would find the time or energy if I’m being brutally honest) but maybe that’s something I should work on. Maybe I should be doing more for “me”.

My “hobbies” include cleaning the house (I am a bit OCD at times), making dinners and ensuring everyone has clean ironed clothes to wear. Quite sad but I suppose that’s life when you have kids, jobs and no one willing to help babysit. I do try read when I get the chance. I have loved reading ever since I was a little girl. I only tend to read chick lit, to be honest its what I enjoy and I think when life can is stressful enough it’s good to read light, happy stories which can sometimes make me laugh out loud.  If anyone has any good recommendations for chick lit or other genres please let me know!



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