Everyone has a life, a story .. Here’s mine

Everyone has a life, a story .. Here’s mine

Well after toying with the idea of setting up a blog, I’ve finally done it! It’s the start of 2017, a “new year and new me” kinda mindset.

Now its the hard part .. Do I have enough to write about? Will people read it? Will people think “oh look at her trying to be better than everyone”? Will the internet trolls track me down and leave horrible comments? Well as with most things in life, I’ve decided I won’t know unless I try.

They say you should find your topic, your audience and your selling point to have a successful blog ..

To be honest I don’t have a topic, I don’t have amazing talents, I don’t have a unique selling point, god after reading that I’m probably not even an interesting person!

I’m just ME, I’m an average working mum, who over the years has been through a lot and I’ve decided this is the year I will do something for me. I decided I would like to start a blog.  I think as I write posts maybe an audience for my blog will become clearer but in the meantime it will be an outlet for all my thoughts and frustrations. I’ll write about my life (or lack of it sometimes) and generally whatever else pops into my mind.

So if you’re reading this then THANK YOU! Hopefully you will continue to follow me through my new journey of blogging! I hope you enjoy it.




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